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portrait of Wendy Wood, owner of Wendy Wood Photography

I found my passion in life when I was only a teen.  My father brought home an SLR from Japan for the family and since then I have never been without a camera.  Being the oldest of six kids, I found myself intrigued with capturing my brothers and sisters playing, jumping from trees or the rolls of adorable “chub” on my 6-month old sister.  Looking back, I realize that the strongest memories I have from that time period in my life are the ones that made it to the albums. 


It is my soul’s calling to capture today’s moments and preserve them for tomorrow.  I want you to remember how tiny your newborn’s fingers were; the swelling feeling in your heart when your three-year old would cuddle-in close to your chest, or how your husband would tickle your daughter until she would beg for mercy. I want to be the one who captures those moments for you and who puts them in an album, or turns them into a piece of art for your wall.  I want to see your husband’s tears as he views his little girl’s senior slideshow.  I feel successful when I hear your family album was the gift your parents adored most for Christmas.


When I am not taking pictures, I do fill my life with a few other pretty cool things. I am a mother to three incredible children, and a wife to a man I don’t know how I was so blessed to have come into my life. I am a romantic, a dreamer and a hard-worker. I enjoy being off the beaten path and am passionate about most things in my life.  I am a vegetarian who loves to cook and entertain.  I find joy in hot yoga, deep conversations, the smell of coffee and the taste of chocolate. I rejoice in pretty much anything that gets me outdoors and lost in the beauty of nature.  Music motivates me and people intrigue me. My many friends are my sanity and my lifeline.  I love learning and would go to school for the rest of my life if I could! If I had to choose another career it would be to work for National Geographic.


When out in nature and left alone with my camera, I find that time disappears and I am totally in my element. The same is true when I am out working with you and your family. I do not watch the clock, but rather work until I have captured the beauty of your relationship. Tuning into the individuality of your family and looking for the playful, enduring moments that you share, allows me to capture the true essence of who you are. I love the spontaneity that naturally occurs in my sessions and yet when needed I can direct our time together by weaving-in fun games and a silly sense of humor.  I would say my work is a mixture of the serendipitous and the guided, with attention to composition, lighting and details.


By sharing about myself, I hope you will feel comfortable with me and allow me to capture the beauty in you and your family.  Namaste.

Photo of Wendy Wood and her family
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