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The Experience

Your portrait session will involve a high level of personal service and a satisfaction guarantee. From day one, I will help you with every step along the way. This is where true design and creativity can come into play. We'll choose a place that's special to you, and plan a session that not only highlights your family the way you see them, but also how the portraits will fit fabulously into your home.  Creating a portrait that will be handed down for generations, we will produce beautiful and unique images as wall art that you will display with love and pride.




We'll get together to dream about your perfect portrait session, and all the lovely ways you could wish to display your images. Then we'll develop a plan for your portrait day, covering topics such as location, timing, clothing, color choices and display placement. We will also discuss what is most important to you about these images and how can we make this session fun so even dad will leave smiling.  In my studio, this 45-minute consultation is included and we work out all the details for your session ahead of time, setting us up for a comfortable, successful sitting.





Your vision can best be brought to life when we meet up to shoot your photos at our previously-chosen location.  Sessions are never rushed and usually last 1-2 hours. Young children are encouraged to have snacks, breaks, and play time to keep them happy and relaxed. I like to move around and interact with children to capture their playful spirit, and I will incorporate silly games with questions so your children can play and express themselves without being prompted to smile or ‘say cheese’.



You'll relax knowing we have successfully captured a moment in time that you will forever hold dear to your heart.  Meanwhile, I will take a week or two to edit and prepare your images for viewing, and then we'll meet once more to view the portraits and make your final choices together. This is an exciting appointment and many couples turn it into date night.  We start with a video of all your images from your magical session where you sit back and enjoy the beauty, love and joy of your family images set to music. This is truly my favorite part of our time together and it is always accompanied with a beverage and chocolate (because it does not get much sweeter than this)!  We then move into looking at the images individually and I expertly guide you through choosing which images will work best to be displayed as art in your home and which images we will archive in an album or make into prints.




Since the kids are at home with a sitter, perhaps a nice celebration dinner will follow for just the two of you! I know how much work this takes; it is an investment of your time, energy and finances.  Your hard work however has paid off and now it is time to reward yourselves for a job well done.  In the meantime, I will again take care of all the details, and in about two weeks you will have beautifully packaged, ready-to-display art for your home.




I will provide you with beautiful, custom art on your walls and in your hands. While I do offer digital image files, the main focus of my studio is to help you make the most of your investment. I truly believe that if you are making it a priority to have your photographs made, then it’s up to me to give you beautiful images on beautiful products. I have been told the video's I create and sell are the kids favorite part of the whole experience.  Your story needs to be tangible, not solely left to the sea of digital files on your hard drive. Instead, your legacy will live on, in a way your children and grandchildren can hold onto.




My creative fee is $99 and no minimum purchase is required, as what you buy is entirely up to you.  Custom packages, individually priced products and digital files are all available. Gift prints start at $25 for a 5x7 portrait and my average client will invest between $500 - $1000. Gift prints, Albums, Canvas Prints, Holiday Cards and Digital Files are just a few of the products that my clients love.


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